Like a robot you are! Oh how I love watching! That one emotion, that one high pitched sound -I could listen all day!

You all know who I’m talking about, that girl you see.

She comes up everywhere, no matter where you’d be.

Don’t know her you say?

You’d soon remember.

Meet her once and you’d never forget her.

I don’t care who you are you meet her every day.

That happy emotion and caring attitude.

She’ll never meet you without gratitude.

Oh she’s so nice, oh she’s so sweet, and all you boys follow like dogs gone astray.

“Let us all follow her!” I command!

It’s not like she’s the irritating thorn in my hand.

That cheer squad and white smile complimenting her peppy display.

More of us should have one emotion too.

Nothing would get us down in this world of hullabaloo.

Yes! That’s it; we’ll all turn to robots! Then I too can hook myself a sucker just for play.

The world will be much better off if we were just like you.

A stupid little girl smiling -believing she’s unequal to.