White Band

White Band

What are you in for?


Enlarged heart

Third degree burns

Bit by a dog

Appendicitis concerns.


Check in at the front desk.

Dad’s insurance will have to cover I guess.


Last name

First name


Yes, my roommate drove me.


This place is sick



“I can wait to shower after this.”


The wait could be four hours or more

And six until you’re discharged in the morn’.


How did it happen?


A car accident

A crash

A fall

I didn’t mean for it to happen at all.


Reason for coming in?

Hold out your wrist and put on this white band.


All looks normal

Your heart looks fine

Blood work is near perfect

We’re not sure what was the affect.


But there’s no concussion



All look good.


Go home

You’re fine in all likelihood.


But to commemorate your visit

A bracelet of PVC

A white band

To remember your head injury.