What Happened

What happened?


What happened

To I love you?

To I want to marry you?

To the fact that I would always win?

Win over her

Win over your ex


What happened

To those thousands of texts?




What happened


To sailing into the depths?





“I checked on my friends”

“I made sure they were OK”

“They were the first ones I found out on the field”


And then there was me.

Hiding under a desk.

Everyone else giggled, their last moments spent in the stolen safest corner surrounded by their friends.


“I checked on my friends.”


What about everyone else?

who in your popularity you’d forgotten about.


“I was the protector”

“I knew everyone”

but what about those who dealt instead with it by their selves?

who never asked?

I bet you never knew he who was bullied into silence.

I bet you never knew he who was to shy to speak out in class.


And I bet in your lockdown

you did check on your friends.

And I bet on your haste

you forgot about the quiet one alone under a desk.


And still you think yourself a hero

Breaking the rules by running room to room

and room to store and back again.

So cool you were,

and a hero among your friends.


And then there was me.

Who watched you come running in.

you checked on the girl you liked.

you checked on your buddy(s).

asked if they were okay.


And I bet in your haste

you forgot about he under the desk

following the rules,

when I’d refused to speak out. yet.