House mother

House mother


Who devotes her life

To breakfasts

To bed checks

To housing the young.


We’ve had hundreds of girls stay here.

We used to have six girls to one room.

Please personalize it to your own.

Make this your temporary home.


Welcome in

Before I say goodbye.

My husband will take care of you

As soon as I die.


You see I’m 97 years old

But I’ve enjoyed my stay.

Thank you for the adventures

And take care of each other.



I. S.

A college house mother.


The Last Nice Thing

The Last Nice Thing


If you don’t stay

I’ll –

kill myself.


You’ll have pushed me

off the edge.

It’ll be your fault

if you don’t



So this will be

the last nice thing

I ever do for you.


“Hey… this is his –

now ex

I guess.

I’m not expecting anything

[since you’ll probably take his side]

but he did threaten,

to go off the deep end.”


“I’d hate to see him do that to himself”

“So don’t let him”



“I’m going to drop an L bomb tonight”

“We’ve swapped nevers and always”


“would you rather me not talk” about her?


“Then I dropped the L bomb”

“She followed it up immediately with a return of the sentiment”


A cryptic message received.

“I don’t know what to make of” these


call me


“I recently became interested in someone”


“I know the spot you’re in right now”

“I don’t want to bring up anything you’re not in a mood to talk about” this included her.


“She’s wonderful”

“I’m afraid of how much I like her”


“she intends to hang on to me for the rest of her life”

“I honestly want to be with her, and I want to be hers for all time”


“I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I find you to be incredibly beautiful” he said to her.

“It hasn’t stopped feeling like a dream” he said to me.


“You know I’ve never slept in the same bed as anyone I’ve ever been with”

“I’m looking forward to it”


Tender moments, thoughts, and feelings were passed

I was sitting instead, resting, having come in last.


When change took hold:


“I can’t help but see myself as such a fool”


“The official statement is: this sort of sucks”

Yet there was hardly any fuss.


“She wasn’t happy with me anymore”

“Pushed me away”


“I’ll never see her again”

“Feeling real expendable right about now”


“I hope you’re around”

“Secondly, I’m also single now”


So why had I found comfort excitement instead.

“Am I that cruel?”

When you’re my best friend,

I have to be here,

In your time of wear.

But I can’t wait another moment to have you-

To say:

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“Take these pills,

Once a day.”

He says.


“Take these pills

Once a day,

And you’ll be okay.”

He says.


Looking around the office

It’s white


Bright shiny objects-


Used to tell me what he’d told me too.


“Once a day,

When you get out of bed.”

“Don’t forget them.”

“This is all in your head!”


The pill bottle has a

White cap

“Twist here” “Childproof”

And an orange body.

“To be taken orally” “500 mg”


“You need medicated!”



I take the bottle in hand

From the drug store pharmacy down the street.

I’m not crazy.

Not in my belief.


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Soon enough

Soon enough


In 30 seconds

you will be underwater

In 40 seconds

you will be



In 45 seconds

the light will turn green

And in 50

you’ll nearly kill your little sister.


In 55

she’ll realized what’s happened.

And in 60

she’ll panic.



“Dude… would you be okay

if we stop at dads?”

I remember that his wife is home today.



“No I just really need a drink of water.”

No man, I just don’t feel too well.



I feel….


That kind of warm that makes you… tired.

I blink.



and then…

Something’s gone wrong.

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