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What Happened (8/30/2017) - What happened?   What happened To I love you? To I want to marry you? To the fact that I would always win? Win over her Win over your ex   What happened To those thousands of texts?   Hey   What happened   To sailing into the depths?  
Hamilton Caulfield (7/7/2017) - Hamilton Caulfield   i always hated Holden who couldn’t make up his mind the way he stumbled through his life it were as if he was blind.   i always hated Holden and his damned terrible book he was too boring, too depressing to keep my interest.   i always hated Holden but now i […]
Lines (6/14/2017) - Lines   Lines and names are essentially the same.   You don’t call me that. That name has too much connotation, Too much resentment. That name has too many memories.   So then what’s left? Certainly not clichés. I’ve ruled them out. Along with that other phrase.   The new ones: Gorgeous       […]
Subservient (5/10/2017) - Subservient On your knees Hands on your lap Assume your position On the floor Head down towards the mat.   I want “yes sir” only As I do as I please Never shall you directly Look at me.   Your opinion, your mind Becomes moot under me My rule is final In this one sided […]
THE END (4/19/2017) - THE END Floods On sand On tarnished land. Leading you Into the depths of the downpour. Safe she promised you, but instead Here it is the end of life as it’s known.
Goliath (4/18/2017) - Goliath Undulating beneath the surface slumbers something in the deep where the sun never does reach waves rumble in her wake against the surface back into battle, she demands this fight out of the trenches she answers with heavy appetite.
Drugs of such (3/28/2017) - Drugs of such   I feel you Fervently Racing through my arm. You wondrous Money sucking monster.   Everything I have Everything I make Goes on to you. To new needles Fresh injections Fresh… My money is Lost Wasted Pissed away Gone. Spent on you And worth every drop.   When he says I drink […]
House mother (1/24/2017) - House mother   Who devotes her life To breakfasts To bed checks To housing the young.   We’ve had hundreds of girls stay here. We used to have six girls to one room. Please personalize it to your own. Make this your temporary home.   Welcome in Before I say goodbye. My husband will take […]
nothings changed (1/2/2017) - nothings changed   nothings changed in bitter self loathing significant other despising fight picking monster that they always called you   nothings changed when you still want to pick fights still want to nit pick still want to   i’m addicted   to fight.
The Last Nice Thing (12/29/2016) - The Last Nice Thing   If you don’t stay I’ll – kill myself. overdose. You’ll have pushed me off the edge. It’ll be your fault if you don’t stay.   So this will be the last nice thing I ever do for you.   “Hey… this is his – now ex I guess. I’m not […]
(12/8/2016) - 11/15/15 “I’m going to drop an L bomb tonight” “We’ve swapped nevers and always” 1/26/16 “would you rather me not talk” about her? 11/15/15 “Then I dropped the L bomb” “She followed it up immediately with a return of the sentiment” 11/15/15 A cryptic message received. “I don’t know what to make of” these 11/15/15 […]
Election Day (11/9/2016) - Election Day “Vote for me” we wait in suspense with ballots to be counted the country waits to see, in living rooms hunched against TVs, who will next lead the country of the free.
Medicated (11/7/2016) - Quack   “Take these pills, Once a day.” He says.   “Take these pills Once a day, And you’ll be okay.” He says.   Looking around the office It’s white Sterile-feeling-white. Bright shiny objects- Instruments- Used to tell me what he’d told me too.   “Once a day, When you get out of bed.” “Don’t […]
Soon enough (10/24/2016) - Soon enough   In 30 seconds you will be underwater In 40 seconds you will be unconscious   In 45 seconds the light will turn green And in 50 you’ll nearly kill your little sister.   In 55 she’ll realized what’s happened. And in 60 she’ll panic.     “Dude… would you be okay if […]
ShapeShifter (10/9/2016) - ShapeShifter   Country? Metal? Rap? Sure. I’m into all of that.   Purple Red Blue Oh my god Me too!   You like that actor? Then I can too. That’s your favorite movie? I’ll Google it to be able to talk to you. Horror? Then I can suck it up. Anime? I guess I can […]
Writing Critiques (9/24/2016) - Writing Critiques it sounds like nothing but the cries of a selfish little girl. who does nothing but victimize herself to get pity on her side.
My name is (9/22/2016) - My name is My name is And I don’t understand why we’re hugging Why we’re in a circle. Why we’re here.   My name is And I don’t know you. Or you. My name is And I don’t understand why they didn’t show up again. My name is And I’m bored. Tired. Hungry. Walking in […]
Define (9/19/2016) - Define Looking Over the precipice, fate ready to fall, below to the unknown darkness to be consumed by the Vast chasm in the ground. Be Exhausted and succumb to willingly fall backward, with arms outstretched to each side. Find out what’s down there. While I’ll follow momentarily behind.
Essence of Silhouette (9/9/2016) - Essence of Silhouette   Jacket on the ground Dressed in all black Greasy hair In strings on her face A bloodied lip And dresses in the suitcase.   I’m leaving. I’m done. I thought I was The only One.  
MEGA (6/29/2016) - MEGA Many of the monsters that dwell in the deep Evade the bottommost cave where she slumbers and sleeps. Great are the restless reverberations so heavy against the walls. Adaptive and at the ready to take captives in the brawls. Mega is inside your mind with not One trace of ever being kind. Never could […]
Olympian – Woman in Camisole (6/1/2016) - Olympian   Sweat beads down Eyes squint to see The pole too high For this Olympian wannabe.   Why was the crossbar so damn high? Even the professionals Were terrified.   Broken legs Busted ribs Bruised jaws And the pole was split.   Up in the sun the crossbar resides To knock down the Olympian […]
White Band (5/9/2016) - White Band What are you in for?   Enlarged heart Third degree burns Bit by a dog Appendicitis concerns.   Check in at the front desk. Dad’s insurance will have to cover I guess.   Last name First name DOB Yes, my roommate drove me.   This place is sick Germy Infectious “I can wait […]
dinner time eyes (5/5/2016) - dinner time eyes whoa im sorry i just have to say not to be awkward that you have incredibly beautiful eyes.   funny i was waiting for you to forget my name again.   jessica? nope.
Rate Me (1-10) (4/26/2016) - Rate Me: 1-10 1 5 7 9 Rate Me Week is here on time! Grab your facebooks Your instagrams Your social medias   Lets take these girls These guys These… I’m sorry I can’t tell with that haircut in mind…   Faggot. Ugly. Hottie. Her face is too boxy.   We’ll rate their: Curls Their […]
Monster (4/7/2016) - Monster he hides under my bed he hides inside my closet he hides within those blankets those pillows those jackets he hides within those jeans he hides here let me set the scene:   there’s an abandoned home where it’s all colored monochrome a layer of dust has turned the colors and now turns away […]
What if I quit? (3/27/2016) - What if I quit? : A tribute to Mount Saint Helens It starts with a memory of trees in a haze. Black and white and drizzling that day. Playing and skipping with Jesse himself. Two kids laughing among everything else. Oh how I’d begged, and pleaded to go. Ten years in the making was this […]
Extinguishment of the Ballad (3/19/2016) - The Extinguishment of the Ballad There’s two different rooms In two different places.   Two different pirate ships On the same lazy ocean.   Each holds a different human being, Each human waiting on the other.   Two Voyagers separated, Temporarily. Temporarily. But only Temporarily my dear.   The horizon still extends endlessly before them […]
Aim For The Floor (3/8/2016) - Aim For The Floor Step 1: Shotgun loaded. Step 2: Now aim for the floor. Step 3: Readjust. You want the barrel right there on your foot. Step 4: Close your eyes. Squeeze ‘em tight. Pull the trigger and hit send.   And he sends back “thank you” or “I feel a lot better”. He […]
Paralleled Voyagers (2/8/2016) - Paralleled Voyagers Gone are we On this endless sea. Into the sunlit sky No – into the ocean depths. Going parallel together for that sunset horizon.   Valiantly the pirate ships sail on. East bound – Redirect now To the west. Inflicted, infected, and intoxicated. Capsized into the sea All of our dreams Lost to […]
ThE RobOT (2/5/2016) - ThE RobOT I don’t recognize my parent’s divorce. Its impact is something I refuse to acknowledge as a force. Because I am a Robot. And I do not wish to feel things. For what if it’s a bad feeling that clings? I am a Robot. And I stay in shut down mode, In case something […]
King of the DS (1/28/2016) - King of the DS You once told me you didn’t like piercings. You once told me you didn’t like tattoos. And that you didn’t like painted hair and nails. You once told me I shouldn’t wear makeup even for myself.   You once accused me of having double standards, but what the fuck happened there? […]
Enzymes 1 Through 3 (1/12/2016) - Enzymes 1 Through 3 Alcohol dehydrogenase you hide your face. Acetaldehyde alcoholism comes from the inside. Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase with a whole life to deface. Glutathione but this is your last one.   Enzyme number one and the cap comes undone. Enzyme number two your blood becomes an alcoholic stew. The result argues to me,   […]
Rewrite. (1/8/2016) - Rewrite. Rewrite Rewrite Rewrite and still the author isn’t happy with his final work. Rewrite and Rewrite and Rewrite and still there seems to be that one line to revise… Rewrite and Rewrite – and sleep on it for a night. Rewrite and Rewrite a few “final” words to replace. Rewrite and Rewrite and now […]
“What did you do?” (12/27/2015) - “What did you do?” I gave you kisses. I gave you hugs. I played with your hair. I paid for dinner. I invited you over. I went where I’d later tell you I didn’t want to go. What did you ever do?   I paid seven hundred dollars up front when you went and crashed […]
10,000 FEET (12/26/2015) - 10,000 FEET 10,000 feet and I’m all high strung. 10,000 feet and my muscles are wrung. High above all else, Here where the snow never melts. An even greater achievement than last time, To make this hard a climb. Twice I’ve made it with determined intent, If I am not to go back I think I’m […]
the rock. (12/18/2015) - the rock sinks.   it doesn’t write it doesn’t read it doesn’t sleep   the rock needs nothing but just to sink.   sink and stay to the swamp it calls home for yet another day.   it sinks slowly and heavily   to sink and stay to rest on the ground as a murky […]
tired. (12/17/2015) - i want to talk. but i don’t.   i want to write, but my muscles won’t move.   outside seems divine, but inside is just fine.   my mind feels dead, and i feel locked inside my head.   making friends and meeting people, but alone can be so much more peaceful.   crunched in […]
Guarantee II The Legacy (12/17/2015) - Legacy One thing stays through eons to come. One thing outlives us once to death we’ve succumbed. One thing is guaranteed to stay. It’s voice heard even after our day. It’s a guaranteed voice to live on. It’s the Legacy we’ve left once we’ve gone. Some voices louder than others. Some better remembered than another’s. Some loud […]
“Whatever it takes” (12/1/2015) - “Whatever it takes” What if we could just decide? You’ll be it –despite if it’s wrong. I’ve decided on you Beginning now and continuing lifelong. I’ve chosen you and that’ll be it I’ll do whatever it takes. The right one might still be out there But for the rest of our lives we’ll both be […]
LOCKDOWN (11/29/2015) - LOCKDOWN “I checked on my friends” “I made sure they were OK” “They were the first ones I found out on the field”   And then there was me. Hiding under a desk. Everyone else giggled, their last moments spent in the stolen safest corner surrounded by their friends.   “I checked on my friends.” […]
NOT (11/28/2015) - I’m NOT I’m not that one I’m not the one.   The one that blows kisses The one that dances out the night I’m not the one smiling bright.   I’m not the one in pink, I’m not the one in heels and dresses with love finding many ways of expressions.   I’m not the […]
Tradition: Thanksgiving (11/26/2015) - Tradition: Thanksgiving Dinners Tradition is gathering around a turkey. Tradition is a loud table with family to spare. Tradition to send food around that table, casseroles to share.   Everyone brings at least one something or more, Sisters and husbands throwing open the host’s front door.   Pies and cookies and brownies all brought for […]
Her (11/25/2015) - Her Like a robot you are! Oh how I love watching! That one emotion, that one high pitched sound -I could listen all day! You all know who I’m talking about, that girl you see. She comes up everywhere, no matter where you’d be. Don’t know her you say? You’d soon remember. Meet her once […]
Lights! (11/25/2015) -   Lights!   Big bold lights, Is that what you need? After all this time, Do you feel it’s a deed?   In misery and in sorrow, Do you want it to end? What about tomorrow? How big a message must I send?
Being Serious (11/19/2015) - Being Serious I don’t remember the point at which I stopped being serious. But I know I did stop. Wrapping my ideas for life around this one boy, a boy who wasn’t even a man. Getting high around the clock was his plan.   I debated and contemplated, depending on us, but his plan was thus: […]
The CAT (11/18/2015) - The CAT The cat will not harm you. She’ll eat and sleep. Barely making more than a peep.   She’ll follow you around and keep you safe, in her own little way, here for your embrace.   She’ll never walk out, She’ll never curse your name. She’ll love you forever, and sleep beside you who’s […]
Guarantee (11/18/2015) - Guarantee I wish there was some kind of a guarantee. A guarantee that you’d pass – a guarantee that you’d make it. A guarantee that someone will know what you’ve writ.   Perhaps that’s what I need, A guarantee that there will be a guarantee.   A guarantee to –   To have someone to tell. […]
Dead Without Dying (11/18/2015) - Dead Without Dying All the time I feel my blood racing at a high blood-pressure boil. My muscles contract, and I can’t get out of bed.   The nail picking has started again, a nervous harmful habit returned.   I close my eyes as a poem starts, but I almost can’t get up to grab […]
MATERIALIZING (11/12/2015) - MATERIALIZING In a world full of voices, Miles away from those right next to me, Hearing sounds of rejoices, I’m as far away as I can be. ` In a world full of voices, There was only dark, Words made the choices, Often as a harsh remark. ` In a world full of voices, I […]
GILDED (11/12/2015) - GILDED Gilded is working, rusted but kind;   Played by rusted hearts and fake forced moments bleating their minds.   Gilded takes hold and never lets go;   For corrosion is setting fought, for wants rarely showed.   Gilded is certain binding and blind;   Defined is this bogus artificial fabrication of my mind.   […]
Being a BUG (11/12/2015) - Being a BUG “I wonder if I could be a bug,” and I laugh and tell her, “yes you can sweetie, you can be what ever you want to be.” but then I realize, I just told my cousin that she can be a bug. for a living. she’s going to grow up and go […]
More Than Fun (11/11/2015) - More Than Fun And so there you’re tryin’ These assholes don’t understand, It’s more than fun when you’re only fightin’. Think they can do, They think they can take, And don’t ever make a mistake. Date me, love me, No they say, “Your mind ain’t good enough to stay.”