“I’m going to drop an L bomb tonight”

“We’ve swapped nevers and always”


“would you rather me not talk” about her?


“Then I dropped the L bomb”

“She followed it up immediately with a return of the sentiment”


A cryptic message received.

“I don’t know what to make of” these


call me


“I recently became interested in someone”


“I know the spot you’re in right now”

“I don’t want to bring up anything you’re not in a mood to talk about” this included her.


“She’s wonderful”

“I’m afraid of how much I like her”


“she intends to hang on to me for the rest of her life”

“I honestly want to be with her, and I want to be hers for all time”


“I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I find you to be incredibly beautiful” he said to her.

“It hasn’t stopped feeling like a dream” he said to me.


“You know I’ve never slept in the same bed as anyone I’ve ever been with”

“I’m looking forward to it”


Tender moments, thoughts, and feelings were passed

I was sitting instead, resting, having come in last.


When change took hold:


“I can’t help but see myself as such a fool”


“The official statement is: this sort of sucks”

Yet there was hardly any fuss.


“She wasn’t happy with me anymore”

“Pushed me away”


“I’ll never see her again”

“Feeling real expendable right about now”


“I hope you’re around”

“Secondly, I’m also single now”


So why had I found comfort excitement instead.

“Am I that cruel?”

When you’re my best friend,

I have to be here,

In your time of wear.

But I can’t wait another moment to have you-

To say:

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Over the precipice, fate ready to fall, below to the unknown darkness to be consumed by the

Vast chasm in the ground. Be

Exhausted and succumb to willingly fall backward, with arms outstretched to each side. Find out what’s down there. While I’ll follow momentarily behind.

Olympian – Woman in Camisole



Sweat beads down

Eyes squint to see

The pole too high

For this Olympian wannabe.


Why was the crossbar so damn high?

Even the professionals

Were terrified.


Broken legs

Busted ribs

Bruised jaws

And the pole was split.


Up in the sun the crossbar resides

To knock down the Olympian

With who it collides.


The crack of bones

On the ground below

The snap of a pole

The Olympian’s turn was thrown.


He looked up

To see the crossbar.

With feet below,

And the sun blocked out

By a woman

In Camisole


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Extinguishment of the Ballad

The Extinguishment of the Ballad

There’s two different rooms

In two different places.


Two different pirate ships

On the same lazy ocean.


Each holds a different human being,

Each human waiting on the other.


Two Voyagers separated,

Temporarily. Temporarily.

But only Temporarily my dear.


The horizon still extends endlessly before them

Their destination still out of sight.


But they’ve reached this checkpoint in the lazy waves.

It’s called:

The Extinguishment of the Ballad.


That missed opportunity,

It’s arrived,

And it’s a beauty.


While nothing else is certain

Two Voyagers are sailing together

Their ocean extends before them forever.


Two poets, two writers

Each piece of work with a new form of cipher.


Each ship has its marks.

Each ship has its scratches

Each ship once housed it’s own old assassins.


And they’ve been rebuilt, patched,

Somehow preserved.

After all that was once thought to be the worst.


And two Voyagers sail on in part two

Because in part one, I already made my vow to you.


You asked what we were headed for,

I told you Paralleled Voyagers never specified.


But here in the water we’ve found something,

It’s resting between the opportunities called ships.


Here in the water there is a checkpoint.

A canvas palette.

And it’s called:

The Extinguishment of the Ballad.

Paralleled Voyagers

Paralleled Voyagers

Gone are we

On this endless sea.

Into the sunlit sky

No – into the ocean depths.

Going parallel together for that sunset horizon.


Valiantly the pirate ships sail on.

East bound –

Redirect now

To the west.

Inflicted, infected, and intoxicated.

Capsized into the sea

All of our dreams

Lost to a drowning gone vertically.