Over the precipice, fate ready to fall, below to the unknown darkness to be consumed by the

Vast chasm in the ground. Be

Exhausted and succumb to willingly fall backward, with arms outstretched to each side. Find out what’s down there. While I’ll follow momentarily behind.



Many of the monsters that dwell in the deep

Evade the bottommost cave where she slumbers and sleeps.

Great are the restless reverberations so heavy against the walls.

Adaptive and at the ready to take captives in the brawls.

Mega is inside your mind with not

One trace of ever being kind.

Never could anyone stop the

Siege underwater in

Terror to terminate her offender’s falter.

Every soul make way for her path and

Reap the day you incited her wrath.

On the ship where she breached it’s “strong” wooden hull.

Coated in

Tentacles and suckers that attach to every last word’s skull. Built to

Overanalyze and overreact

Post-war it’s body is scar-racked. But today

It stayed to dwell in the cave, and was long forgotten under these quieting waves.

Paralleled Voyagers

Paralleled Voyagers

Gone are we

On this endless sea.

Into the sunlit sky

No – into the ocean depths.

Going parallel together for that sunset horizon.


Valiantly the pirate ships sail on.

East bound –

Redirect now

To the west.

Inflicted, infected, and intoxicated.

Capsized into the sea

All of our dreams

Lost to a drowning gone vertically.