I’m Tiffanny Hamilton, the sole author of this site.

In case you hadn’t already caught on, this is a literary site for my own writing, not that I expect too many people are tuning into listen to me at this stage. This site is an experiment as I begin putting myself farther out there as a writer. I’ve been writing for years, going so far as build a literary magazine from scratch at my previous school, and do plan to continue writing. I may not post often or may even take breaks, but have no fear dear readers, I eventually will post again. Probably.

As a writer I am very protective of my stuff so please don’t take it. No copy-pasting with your name on it! I penned it, my work is mine under copyright law. I will know it was mine, so don’t even try it! This is a massive trust exercise so please don’t let me down.

Yes, I know, who would have the audacity to do that? But this is your warning.

The work here is for people to respectfully enjoy. That said, everything here is personal, and writing in general is a form of artistic expression for any writer, myself included. Unlike other things I write my poetry is almost strictly nonfiction, as is any extra writing I may post including traveling adventures and thought pieces. To those who may not enjoy my work, if you don’t like it or it in someway offends you, that’s not my problem. As was previously stated this is my personal form of expression shared with you. If you don’t like my opinions then no one is forcing you to continue reading, unsubscribe or close the freaking tab. However I do hope you, the reader, will find some form of entertainment in my work, whether is a mutual understanding of feelings transfered in something like Monster, or finding a bit of humor in something like Being a BUG.

Enjoy guys.

Tiffanny H.D. Hamilton, Bladed Pens (C)


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