This is Tiffanny Hamilton, the sole author of this site.

This is a literary site and is an experiment as I begin putting myself out there as a writer. I’ve been writing for years and do plan to continue. I may not post often or may take breaks, but don’t worry, I eventually will post again.

As a writer I am very protective of my stuff so please don’t take it. No copy-pasting with your name on it! I penned it, my work is mine under copyright law, and I have extensive back ups and dates on all my work both handwritten and typed to prove it is in fact mine. I will know it was mine. This is a massive trust exercise so please don’t let me down.

Yes, I know, who would have the audacity to do that? But this is a just-in-case warning.

The work here is for people to respectfully enjoy. That said, everything here is personal and writing is a form of artistic expression. To those who may not enjoy my work, if you don’t like it or it in someway offends you, that’s not my problem; as was previously stated this is my personal form of expression shared with you. If you don’t like my opinions then no one is forcing you to continue reading. However I do hope you, the reader, will find some form of entertainment in my work!

I’d ask if you do comment just be respectful -though I do appreciate feedback both good and bad.

Bladed Pens (C) Tiffanny H.D. Hamilton

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