On your knees

Hands on your lap

Assume your position

On the floor

Head down towards the mat.


I want “yes sir” only

As I do as I please

Never shall you directly

Look at me.


Your opinion, your mind

Becomes moot under me

My rule is final

In this one sided hell.


Give up




Under my strong grasp

Never may you have any room to thrash.


I do say:

When you are allowed see me.

I do say:

When you will have sex to me.

I do say:

When you speak

What you think

And exactly where you eat.


On your hands and knees

I demand you to stay.

I shall go have my way

Here you shall stay

Here I force you to wait.


Mine and mine only

Here for my




Never may you say

You are any kind of victim.

Never may you say

I tricked you in anyway.

Never may you

Rebel and say

Anything to my contrary.


“I am an exception to most rules”

And will manipulate

To turn this around.


Never may you forget

That day you turned on me.

Never may you forget

Those names I called you

To keep



To me.


I will convince everyone

That it was you who

Was abusive.

You who made me

The victim.


Never forget

That I will haunt your every gaze.

You shall stay forced

To stay


To me.

On your knees

Until the end of my days.


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