Paralleled Voyagers

Paralleled Voyagers

Gone are we

On this endless sea.

Into the sunlit sky

No – into the ocean depths.

Going parallel together for that sunset horizon.


Valiantly the pirate ships sail on.

East bound –

Redirect now

To the west.

Inflicted, infected, and intoxicated.

Capsized into the sea

All of our dreams

Lost to a drowning gone vertically.





I don’t recognize my parent’s divorce.

Its impact is something I refuse to acknowledge as a force.

Because I am a Robot.

And I do not wish to feel things.

For what if it’s a bad feeling that clings?

I am a Robot.

And I stay in shut down mode,

In case something terrible comes barreling down the road.


Instead I construct firewalls made of mortar and brick.

To keep you all out.

Constructing massive fortresses that seem pragmatic.


I am a Robot.

Strong where I stood,

Fighting off your offenses and falsehood.

I am a Robot.

And I feel this that stings,

But God no, not those other things.

I am a robot.

With a tin exterior that doesn’t tarnish,

And massive fortresses you won’t demolish.


With medieval catapults at the ready,

Do your best to hack,

These firewalls hold steady when under attack.

Do your best, I dare you.

Bullets glance off me in this nasty debut.


I am a Robot.

With firewalls built callously.

So when under siege,

Under causalities and catastrophe,

It’s better built with barriers than to suffer defeat.