“Whatever it takes”

“Whatever it takes”

What if we could just decide?

You’ll be it –despite if it’s wrong.

I’ve decided on you

Beginning now and continuing lifelong.

I’ve chosen you and that’ll be it

I’ll do whatever it takes.

The right one might still be out there

But for the rest of our lives we’ll both be fakes.

Not that I believed in that stuff anyways,

So who cares? Long as we do “whatever it takes.”



“I’ll do whatever it takes”

To make it through.

Whatever it takes

And I’m bleeding out on you.

Dying on top of bed sheets

Soaked in bitterness and tears.

Still doing whatever it takes

And feeling now stuck in this sickness and fears.

But we’ve made the decision

Clinging with all of our might.

I’ll stay with you

And sleep with my back turned to you at night.


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